Single Jersey

The term "single jersey" typically refers to a type of knitted fabric that is created using a single needle bed on a circular knitting machine.


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Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

✔Both 2 track and 4 track Cam design are available<br /> ✔Less noise and high RPM performance<br /> ✔Variable pattern designs with high quality<br /> ✔Quick conversion to single terry or 3 thread fleece design<br /> ✔Structure:body size, fine gauge, single jersey smooth/bindings<br /> ✔Application:swimwear, sports & leisure, underwear & nightwear, outerwear<br />

Single Jersey Open Width Circular Knitting Machine

✔High quality fabrics has smooth surface without creases<br /> ✔Less waste when fabric comes<br /> ✔Maximum ROI and increase profits<br /> ✔Combines the characteristics of machines of simple jersey and other pattern structures<br /> ✔Structure: fine gauge, single jersey smooth/bindings<br /> ✔Application Area: swimwear, sports&leisure, underwear&outwear, home textiles

Single Jersey Computerized Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

✔High accuracy 2/3 technical way needle selection system</br> ✔Variable jacquard pattern designs without limitation</br> ✔Universal drawing software available to store pattern information</br> ✔Highest production for single knit electronic jacquard</br> ✔Structure:single jersey, electronic jacquard, mesh</br> ✔Application:swimwear, sports & leisure, outerwear, home textile, fashion clothes</br>

Exploring Single Jersey Fabric in Textile Machinery Manufacturing

Single jersey fabric is a popular knit fabric that is widely used in the textile industry. In the realm of textile machinery manufacturing, understanding the intricacies of single jersey fabric is essential for producing high-quality products. Single jersey fabric is characterized by its smooth surface on the right side and loops on the wrong side. It is commonly used for making T-shirts, dresses


The Future of Knitwear Production: Single Jersey Machines Unveiled

Manufacturing and processing machinery play a crucial role in the textile industry, particularly in the production of knitwear. As technology continues to advance, new innovations are constantly being introduced to streamline processes and improve efficiency. In this article, we will explore the future of knitwear production with a focus on single jersey machines and how they are reshaping the ind


Understanding Single Jersey Knitting Machines in Textile Manufacturing

Single jersey knitting machines play a crucial role in the textile manufacturing industry, specifically in the production of knitted fabrics. These machines are widely used for their versatility, efficiency, and ability to produce high-quality fabrics. One key feature of single jersey knitting machines is their circular knitting method, which allows for seamless tube fabric production. This metho


Enhancing Efficiency: The Role of Single Jersey Machines in Knitting Process

In the fast-paced world of textile manufacturing, efficiency is key to staying competitive and meeting demand. One of the key technologies that can help companies achieve greater efficiency in the knitting process is the single jersey machine. These machines are designed to knit fabrics efficiently and quickly, making them an essential tool for textile manufacturers looking to streamline their ope


Stay Competitive with Advanced Single Jersey Open Width Circular Knitting Machine

Introduction In the fast-paced world of textile manufacturing, staying competitive is crucial for success. With advancements in technology, investing in the right equipment can give your business the edge it needs to thrive. One such innovation is the advanced single jersey open width circular knitting machine. In this article, we will explore how this cutting-edge technology can help you stay ahead in the industry.


Exploring the Single Jersey Open Width Circular Knitting Machine

The single jersey open width circular knitting machine is a crucial component in the textile machinery and parts sector, specifically in the field of knitting machines. This innovative machine is designed to produce single jersey fabric with an open width, offering various advantages and applications in the textile industry. One of the key features of the single jersey open width circular knitting





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