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Employee Training and Development

On March 26, 2020, the general manager of the company, Manager Wang, attended and presided over the foreign trade marketing training and exchange activities in the multifunctional hall. All employees of the company conduct training and exchanges on textile machinery equipment, market environment, and sales experience through online video.


During the meeting, the company’s representatives in India, Bangladesh, and import and export business managers were respectively asked about the country profiles, market environment and structure, competitor profiles, customer needs, sales strategies and target country factors in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey. The epidemic and political factors have conducted an in-depth and comprehensive analysis on the impact of the business, and at the same time summarized and shared the current business development status and future business development directions.


The sudden new crown epidemic has had a huge impact on the textile industry, and the severe international situation has also increased the difficulty of overseas business development. Through this training and exchange activity, not only the company employees have a comprehensive understanding of the current situation of overseas markets and business conditions, but also played a good role in promoting the subsequent import and export of machinery.


Energy Saving with Dongtai circular knitting machines

Energy has different functions in the operation of a circular knitting machine: mainly the drive of the weft knitting elements but also the cooling of the components, which must meet the specific requirements within a certain temperature range due to their material-conditioned features. Nowadays, the consumption of energy is an important ecological aspect, as well as an expense factor.


Energy-saving machine concepts have been the key aspect of Dongtai’s research and development work for many years. Dongtai is committed to introducing new technology to produce machines with low running noise and low energy consumption. Till now,  Dongtai brand circular knitting machines can save 20% energy by comparing with other brands in China.


Social Contribution Activities

The current epidemic of new crown pneumonia is spreading rapidly around the world, putting tremendous pressure on local health and epidemic prevention. Although the export business of circular knitting machines suffered in this global epidemic, Dongtai still hope to join hands to help the global fight against the epidemic.


Under the leadership of unified deployment, Quanzhou Dongtai Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. united brother companies, mobilized limited resources, and gave full play to their respective advantages. They exported two intelligent newly developed automatic mask machine production equipment to the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Indian government, and provided production Raw materials such as meltblown cloth, spunbond cloth, mask tape, nose clip and other materials required for masks. At an important juncture when the global epidemic is becoming more and more serious, the export of the mask machine has given full play to the company's resource system integration capabilities and played its due force in the production of global anti-epidemic materials.


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