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Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

✔Both 2 track and 4 track Cam design are available
✔Less noise and high RPM performance
✔Variable pattern designs with high quality
✔Quick conversion to single terry or 3 thread fleece design
✔Structure:body size, fine gauge, single jersey smooth/bindings
✔Application:swimwear, sports & leisure, underwear & nightwear, outerwear


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  • Description and Features
  • Application
  • High Speed Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine DTS Series
    Model Diameter Gauge Feeders Power RPM
    DTS/3.0F 9”~68” 10G~44G 3F/Inch 2.2HP~7.5HP 15~50
    DTS/3.2F 10”~68” 14G~36G 3.2F/Inch 2.2HP~7.5HP 15~45
    DTS/4.0F 10”~68” 14G~32G 4F/Inch 2.2HP~7.5HP 15~40
    DTS/6.0F 10”~48” 14G~32G 6F/Inch 2.2HP~7.5HP 15~35
    DTS-CG 30”~38” 5G~9G 1.6F/Inch 2.2HP~7.5HP 18~35





    A Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine is a type of machinery used to create knit fabrics by interlocking loops of yarn. This machine is designed to produce fabrics with a single set of needles, allowing for the production of a wide range of knit fabrics.

    Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machines are typically used in the production of t-shirts, dresses, and other lightweight clothing items. They are versatile and can produce fabrics with a variety of textures, colors, and patterns.

    One of the key advantages of using a Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine is the speed and efficiency with which it can produce fabrics. These machines can operate at high speeds, allowing for large-scale production of knit fabrics.

    In addition to their speed and efficiency, Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machines are also durable and easy to maintain. With proper care and maintenance, these machines can operate for many years, making them a wise investment for textile manufacturers.

    Overall, the Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine is an essential piece of machinery for textile manufacturers looking to produce high-quality knit fabrics quickly and efficiently.

    • single jersey
    • T shirt knitting
    • weft knitting
    • single knitting
    • tubular circular knitting machine
    • pique knitting
  • 1.The single jersey series adopts 2 track or 4-track Cam design, easily operated with high precision and Lycra installation. The machine can be equipped with single tubular frame, open width frame or high leg model.

    2.The advanced oil-based frame make machine less noise and reduces gear abrasion, thus prolonging the life span of the machine. Besides, wire bearings help reduce the machine load so as to run at higher RPM.

    3.Besides plain single jersey fabrics with high qualities, through interchanges of knit cams, tuck cams, and miss Cams, fabrics with more varied patterns can be knitted well, such as float knit, two thread fleece, pique, twill, stripper fabric, spandex fabric and fine gauges of up to gauge 44.

    4.Through applying conversion kits by changing related accessories and parts, the machine can be easily converted to single terry jersey structure or 3 thread fleece fabric structure.

  • Workable yarns: silk, cotton,linen,synthetic fibers and its blends, polyester viscose and artificial wool, mesh or elastic cloth, etc.

    Application fabrics: plain jersey, float knit, two thread fleece, pique, twill, stripper fabric, spandex fabric and fine gauges of up to gauge 44

    Application areas: swimwear, nightwear,T-shirt, Polo shirts, sportswear&leisure, outerwear,underwear, home textile

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