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Cams for Circular Knitting Machines

✔High accuracy needle selection system
✔Variable jacquard pattern designs without limitation
✔Universal drawing software available to store pattern information
✔Highest production for bath accessories and blankets
✔Structure:single jersey, electronic jacquard, terry
✔Application:sports & leisure, home textile, fashion clothes


  • Technical Parameter
  • Description and Features
  • Application
  • Cams for Circular Knitting Machines 
    Brand name DONGTAI
    Raw Material Japanese steel
    Function/Use Important spare parts for circular knitting machines
    Types Knit, Tuck, Miss cam
    Tolerance +/-0.005mm
    Price According to the types and requirements
    Package Wooden Case Packing
    Delivery and shipment Within 20 days after receipt of deposit


    Overview——Quick Details

    Warranty:1 Year
    Applicable Industries:knitting machinery
    Place of Origin: China
    Material:Japanese steel
    Use:Spare parts for circular knitting machine
    Application:Circular knitting machine parts
    Supply Ability:100000 Piece/Pieces per Month

    • circular knitting machine spare parts
    • cams for circular knitting machines
    • cam box/knitting machine equipment
  • 1.It is necessary to select the corresponding triangular curve according to the requirements of different fabrics and fabrics. Because the designer pursues different fabric styles and focuses on different styles, the curve of the triangular work surface will be different.

    2.Due to the long-term sliding friction between the knitting needle (or sinker) and the cam at high speed, and individual process points also bear high-frequency impact at the same time, the raw materials and heat treatment process selected for the cam are very important.

    3.The raw material of the triangle is generally selected from the national standard Cr12MoV (Taiwan standard/Japanese standard SKD11). Too high or too low hardness of the triangle will have adverse effects.

    4.The roughness of the working surface of the triangle curve is very important, it really determines whether the triangle is easy to use and durable.

    5.The roughness of the triangular curve working surface is determined by comprehensive factors such as processing equipment, tools, processing technology, cutting, etc.

    6.The roughness of the working surface of the triangular curve is generally determined as Ra≤0.8 μm. If the roughness of the working surface is not done well, it will cause the phenomenon of grinding the butt, injection, and heating of the triangle seat.

    7.The circular knitting machine has strict selection requirements for triangles, so it is necessary to select different triangle parts according to different textile processes, which is conducive to improving the textile quality.

  • 1.The surface of the cam is provided with an anti-oxidation layer, a wear-resistant layer, a waterproof layer and a protective paint layer

    2.The design of the cam is convenient for the user to use, enhances the use effect and reduces the labor intensity of the user.

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