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Cylinder for Single Jacquard Knit

✔The raw material of cylinder adopts high grade steel imported from Japan or Germany. ✔After a series of grinding and polishing process, the cylinder's rigidity will become extremely high ,which is strong enough to produce jacquard fabrics with high production and high quality. ✔We adopts heat-treatment to ensure the durability and high precision of jacquard cylinder. ✔Parameter range : According to OEM standards or customer's special requirements. diameter can be varied from 26-38 inch, gauge from 18G--32G


  • Technical Parameter
  • Description and Features
  • Application
  • Cylinder for Single Jacquard Knit Machines 
    Brand name DONGTAI
    Raw Material Japanese / Germany imported steel
    Function/Use Important spare parts for single jacquard knit circular knitting machines
    Diameter 26"-38"
    Gauge 18-32G
    Tolerance ±0.02mm
    Price According to the size and requirements
    Package Wooden Case Packing
    Delivery and shipment Within 30 days after receipt of deposit

    The Cylinder for Single Jacquard Knit is a crucial component in the production of knitted fabrics using a single jersey knitting machine. The cylinder is responsible for creating intricate patterns and designs through the use of a jacquard mechanism. The cylinder is a cylindrical drum with a series of needles arranged in a circular pattern around its surface.

    Single jacquard knit is a popular knitting technique used in the fashion industry for producing high-quality knitwear. The cylinder for single jacquard knit is specially designed to produce complex and detailed patterns, allowing designers to create unique and eye-catching designs. The cylinder can be easily changed to create different patterns, making it a versatile tool for designers.

    The cylinder for single jacquard knit should be made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. It should also be carefully maintained and regularly cleaned to prevent damage to the needles and ensure smooth operation.

    In conclusion, the Cylinder for Single Jacquard Knit is an essential component in the production of high-quality knitwear. It enables designers to create intricate patterns and designs, making it a valuable tool in the fashion industry.

  • 1.Needle cylinder: A device for installing needles and sinkers into computerized single jacquard knitting machines.
    2.Cylinders are highly precise, highly wear-resistant and have a long service life. The gauges run from 18 to 32 and are supplied for single jacquard computerized circular knitting machines.
    3.The function of the cylinder is mainly to fix the needles of the jacquard circular knitting machine and drive the knitting needles to work.
    4.The cylinder is divided into different needle numbers, so the circular knitting machine needs to change the cylinder frequently according to the characteristics of the product.
    5.When the cylinder structure is replaced, due to the large mass of the cylinder and the special structure of the cylinder itself, it is impossible to find a force point to carry it. Slot holes are easy to cause damage to the surface of the syringe barrel.
    6.At the same time, in order to facilitate the uniform force on the surface of the syringe barrel during transportation, the number of slot holes that need to be opened increases, which further increases the damage to the surface of the syringe barrel, which is inconvenient to carry out use.

  • 1) Stabilization: As per demand of high intensity material, our cylinders adopt superior quality steel materials from Japan, Germany etc.
    2) High performance: Uses steel-slice from Taiwan, steel material by pressing and rub molding to ensure high quality products when cylinder is under high velocity 
    3) Durability: Take up special circulation heat-treatment, guarantees counterpoise and consistency of cylinders quenching rigidity 
    4) Effective Cleaning Capability: To match dust hole treatment, increase turnout, decrease cotton wool cumulus and times of cleaning
    5) Special Processing Techniques: We use vertical grinding machine to process for rubbing, plow groove of cylinder is smoothly

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