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China's Quanzhou-Russian Far East route Weitou port maiden voyage, "Wodefei Quanzhou'international liner came

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On the moming of October 13 the inaugural voyage of the China Quanzhou-Russian Far East Route Weitou Port and the naming ceremony ofthe "Wodeei Quanzhou' ship were held in Jinjiang Weitou Port. Standard boxes full of Quanzhou's superior products such as baby diapersPvC mesh fabrics, shoe soles, modern marble and stone products, and sanitary products wil be sent from Weitou Port to Vladivostok(Vladivostok), Russia. Arrival.

Quanzhou is the starting point of the Maritime Sik Road, an important strategic fulcrum city and a pioneering area for the "Belt and Road", anda maior manufacturing has cultivated nine industrial clusters of 100 bilion vuan. and is the main source of oods in Fuiian Provinceras successively won the national business model Three maor titles of looistics ciy, national cross-border e-commerce comorehensive piotarea and national express delivery demonstration city.

"Wodefei Quanzhou" is an interatona iner named after the city of uanzhou" The successf maiden vovace of Weitou Port means thejurther strenothening of the Quanzhou-Russian Far East route. According to the relevant person in charge of Wardfield Shipping (Hong Kongco, Ltd. the "Wodfield Quanzhou" ship with a load capacity of 13,477 tons and a 565 TEU ship takes only 5-6 days to reach the sea fromNeitou Port, and the shipping schedule is biweekly. class. The Quanzhou-Vladivostok direct iner express has suficient space, fast speed andfixed sailing schedule.

Foreign trade practitioners said that due to the impact of domestic and foregn epidemics. the situaton of stable qrowth of foreiaon trade iscomplicated and severe. The opening of the Weitou Por-Russia Far East route is very timely. which provides convenience for Quanzhouenterorises to clear customs at the "home door", reduces enterprise logistics costs, and improves The international competitiveness ofenterprises can also help foreign trade enterprises in Quanzhou to "go overseas" conveniently At the same time, the opening of this route isconducive to unblocking the extemnal circulation channe, improving the construction of a three-dimensional port system by sea. land and airpromotina economic and trade exchanges with Europe and countries along the "Belt and Road’, and promoting Quanzhou to actively integrateinto the dual-circulation development pattern.

"The commerce department wil make every efort to ensure the normal operation of air routes and increase the number of voyages. it is hopedthat more and more shipoing comoanies can rely on the advantanes of uanzhou's industil cluster to eytend their services to entemrisesand also hope that the majority of enteprises can seize new channels and new opportunities to fully tap exports. potential to seize theinternational market" said the relevant person in charge of the Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce.

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