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Brazil's cotton exports surge to 189 mn kg in Sept 2022

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With the start of the new marketing season in August 2022, Brazil's fiber (especially coton) exports have grown many times in value andvolume over the past two months. in September 2022, Brazi exported 189.733 milion kg of cotton for a total value of $382.944 mllion, up from65.040 million kg of cotton (valued at $127.434 million) in August 2022.

Monthly shipments in September tripled from August shipments. in terms of volume, exports were up 190% from the previous month. Accordingto Fibre2Fashion's market insights tool TexPro, August shipments and value roughly tripled compared to July 2022. Brazil exported 23.715million kilograms of fiber in July worth $53.391 million.

Brazil's fiber exports were $168.17 milion (69.404 million kg) in June, S197.566 milion (87.648 milion kg) in May and $315.845 milion(142.66 milion kg) in April 2022.Brazil exported fibers worth S2.329 bilion (1,139.887 miion kg) in the first nine months of the vear. lts fiberexports totaled $3.489 milion (2,078.208 milion kg) in 2021, $3,314 milion (2,190.566 milion kg) in 2020, and $2,733 milion (1.664.626 milionkg) in 2019.

Brazil is the fourth largest coton producer in the world.What's more, Brazil's textile industry is developing fast including circular knitingmachine, home textile and its related fabrics, fleece sportswears and so on.

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