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Made ups contribute 30% in China's home textiles exports in H1 2022

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From January to June 2022. the export value of China's home textles was 20.324 bilion Us dollars, of which finished products were the mostprominent, accounting for 6.174 billion Us dolars of total home textile exports during the reporting period. The compensated share is 30.38%However, since 2020, exports of manufactured goods have been on a downward trend due to the impact of COVID-19.

According to TexPro,Fibre2Fashion's market insight tool, bedding contributed S4.367 bilion (21.49%) to China's total home textiles fromJanuary to June 2022. Exports of other major home textile products were $2.459 bilion (12.10%), bathroom and kitchen $1.809 bilion (8.9%)camping $1.696 bilion (8.35%), flooring $1.2 billion (5.91%) and furniture $911 million (4.48%).

However, China's cosmetics exports have been on a downward trend since 2020, when global demand for home textiles saw unprecedentedgrowth. Sales of home textles have soared in 2020 as consumers are stuck at home due to COVID19. Cosmetics exports fellfrom $33.340bilion in the same period of 2020 to $7.706 bilion in January-June 2021 and $6.174 billion in January-June 2022.

However accordino to exro data. there is a contradictory rend in exnorts of beodina. which te to $2.27 bi ion in ,anuar' une 2020. burecovered to $4.318 billion in the first half of 2021 and $4.318 billion in 2022. $4.367 bilion.

China's home textile exports surged from $32.578 bilion in 2019 to $78.624 bilion in 2020. But it wil drop to $45.555 bilion in 2021. In the firsteight months of this year, China exported $27.703 billion in home textiles.

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