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Fabric makes up 78.75% of China's total textile shipment in H1 2022

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In the first half of 2022 (first half), fabrics accounted for 78.75% of China's total textile exports, the world's largest textile exporter. During the same period, the value of exported fabrics was 37.183 billion US dollars, and the total export value of textiles was 47.217 billion US dollars. Many small apparel exporting countries depend on China for their upstream products.

China prefers to export value-added products. The country exported yarn worth US$8.13 billion during the period, accounting for 17.22% of total textile exports. According to Fibre2Fashion's market insight tool TexPro, its fiber exports are worth $1.903 billion, or just 4.03% of total textile exports.


From January to June 2022, China exported man-made textiles of US$30.585 billion, accounting for 64.78% of China's total textile exports. It shows the dominance of China in the man-made textile industry. Man-made textiles mainly include polyester, viscose and acrylic products.


During the period under review, China's cotton textile exports amounted to US$10.218 billion (21.64%). Exports of textiles made from wool and animal hair were $1.175 billion (2.49%), silk was $482.902 million (1.02%), linen was $384.881 million (0.82%) and real hemp was $2.527 million (0.01%) according to TexPro data, the others were $4.364 billion (9.24%).


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