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TITAS trade show in Taiwan highlights innovation in textile field

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The 26th Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS), one of Asia's leading trade fairs, has started and will continue until October 14, 2022. About 367 exhibitors from around the world are expected to attend, this is the only Taiwan trade show for textile innovations.

According to a TITAS press release, in addition to exhibitors from the domestic textile and apparel industry, there are a number of international exhibitors, including COTTON USA, Microban, HeiQ, Ommi Srl and UK-based Alchemie Technology. The United States, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Sweden were among the countries exhibiting at the trade show.


A sustainable fashion show hosted by Taiwan's Ministry of Culture will join TITAS 2022, connecting local textile manufacturers with fashion designers and others along the fashion value chain. The highly anticipated event focuses on innovation in general, with a particular focus on five key areas. These areas are sustainability of textiles; functional applications; personal protective equipment (PPE); smart manufacturing; polyester yarns; circular knitting machines; and smart fleece textiles.


Among the many exciting exhibitors at TITAS 2022 are many looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Focused on sustainable development, Far East New Century will present new material and product solutions at TITAS this year. Combining the concepts of circular economy and Metaverse, Formosa Plastics Group focuses on leveraging technology to utilize a variety of different renewable and recyclable natural materials. Zig Sheng says its sustainable yarns reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturers. Eclat Textile Co will showcase its new value proposition "Materials with a Purpose" as it continues to move into the sportswear space.


With net zero carbon emissions in mind, TITAS exhibitor Libolon has developed a green circular concept through the water circular economy, green circular fiber products such as RePET eco-friendly polyester recycled yarn and ReEcoya recycled solution dyed yarn.


Shin Kong Synthetic Fibers was another TITAS exhibitor working towards carbon neutrality, focusing on sustainability topics including yarns made from recycled apparel. Circularity is a theme that runs through the many exhibitors at TITAS. New Wide Group said it was looking to build a carbon-neutral circular supply chain in the textile and apparel industry.


At TITAS, New Wide organized four themed areas: Desert Explorer, Ocean Flow, Optimized Performance, and Creative Community. These areas focus on high-performance fabrics, including antibacterial, breathable, and extraordinary wicking capabilities around eco-fashion.


Exhibitor Everest Textile Co will also showcase its carbon capture polyester yarn, bagasse bio-based polyester yarn, E-2000 recycled polyester composite bio-based polyester ecological yarn, recycled fishing net nylon yarn, recycled high-strength nylon 6,6 (Cordura re/cor ), Morphlon waste shoe material recycled yarn, pineapple fiber yarn.


The Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) will showcase R&D projects in high-end textiles, environmental sustainability, digital innovation, smart textiles and training. Oshima said it had developed "the first truly capable domestic fabric inspection machine" which will be showcased at TITAS 2022, it added.


Tex-Ray Industrial Co will be showcasing their latest innovations including their patented high resolution and eco-friendly printing technology HD ECOPRINT, revolutionary eco-dyeing process Ecoloration technology, T-Fresh range of antimicrobial materials and more.


Doing its part to protect the oceans, functional fabric manufacturer Singtex Industrial Co will present the 13th generation of S.Café at TITAS 2022. Also at the show, Light Textile showcased its LIGHTEMIS technology, which can be used in apparel and footwear to provide safety and a high level of comfort in the dark.


TITAS adopts a variety of digital technologies to create a digital, interactive and intelligent exhibition form for online audiences.


The TITAS VR online showroom is designed to give international professionals who are unable to attend TITAS a real-world experience touring. The TITAS Online Show is a 24/7 online platform that provides visitors with a marketplace to source the latest products from TITAS exhibitors anytime, anywhere. TITAS Live Stream provides live interviews with selected exhibitors on their innovations on YouTube, Facebook and the TITAS website and guides them through their booths during the show.


TITAS was selected as the EXPO-TECH digital exhibition pilot demonstration site of the Foreign Trade Bureau, introducing the following digital technologies to enhance the interactive experience of visitors.


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