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Brief Description of Unloading & Installation Cautions for Dongtai Circular Knitting Machines

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1. How to unload?

Please carry the machine with more than 3 tons forklift.

Before the machine is located at workshop, please do not put the machine in moist place in case of rust.

When unload, the wood must be stowed on the arms of the forklift to avoid self movement of machines.

2. Installation environment

Location without dripping, smoke, dust and oily dust.

Location without gas or liquid with causticity and flammability.

Location without floating dust and metal atom.

Location without risk of shake level.

Location without electromagnetism noise and interference.


3. Location

When carrying the forklift, please keep the machine 30-50cm above the ground. Do not carry on bump road.

Before locating the machine in the its position, please measure the space with the superficial measure of the machine and creel.

After placing the machine in the location, please use gradienter to calibrate the machine level. The tolerance must be less than ±0.3mm.


4. Assembling of creel





Assemble the creel as the above picture.

Use thick aluminum stick(release yarns) for the back creel and use thin aluminium stick(release yarn presser)for the front side of creel.

The aluminum stick of yarn feeding should be higher than the aluminum stick of yarn pressing so as to guarantee bobbin yarns yielding when yarn threading.

The distance between each yarn-barbs should be almost equal so as to prevent yarn yielding.





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