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DONGTAI Made A Breakthrough in New Type Three Thread Fleece Circular Knitting Machine

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Three-thread fleece linings are popular all over the world,However,in this field of circular knitting machines, there still exits a chanllenge of Covered Core-Spun Yarns of Polyester in three thread fleece machines. Now DONGTAI Technical Team, using short loop TC85/15 cover 75D/36F black polyester+10S cotton, Chanllenged the highest difficulty and successfully made a breakthrough in producing fleece fabrics without exposing the black polyster yarn. 

At the same time DONGTAI technical team attached importance to catering for both domestic and overseas requirements for processing polyester yarns.Thanks to cam parts developed in-house the new machine performs these tasks reliably and efficiently with up to 30 rpm.

The series new type three thread fleece machines can steadily wrap the polyester without exposing. The pole loop is smooth and well-proportioned with a strong three-dimensional effect, which is applicable for various kinds of high-end fleece fabrics. The material it produces is used in sports- and leisurewear.

Asian market appreciate light, fluffy fabrics made of mixed synthetic fibres while American and European market prefer to heavier and warm cotton yarns, so DONGTAI adjust machine cam designs according different regional requirements. However, the series fleece machine is more than a three thread fleece machine. The fleece machines are able to be converted into to single Jersey machines in case of adjusting extra accessories and cams. In said conversion, it is not necessary to change the cylinder. A single jersey conversion kit transforms it into single jersey circular knitting machine, one of the most popular machine in the world. The conversion works in both directions, which further upgrades the single jersey machine and promote economic benefits. This series of three thread fleece machines with single jersey conversion kit are preferred in Southeast Asian like India, Bangladesh and Vietnam, it is also popular in Middle East and Euroupean market like Turkey, Iran.

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