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    High Speed Single Terry Circular Knitting Machine

    High Speed Single Terry Circular Knitting Machine

    With the perfect and precise design of cam, equipped different types of sinkers, this single terry machine can produce high quality terry fabric in different length of loop. For this sort of machine, you simply can change its cylinder and cams into single knitting machine to produce jersey or stitch-varied cloth. With lycra attachment, you can knit stretchy towel and elastic cloth, which is suitable for seasonal variation and raise the extra value. 1. Multifunction model. Conversion kits allow single jersey, terry and velour machine changes 2. High-volume production rate 3. Stable fabric performance guaranteed by our famous converter

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  • High Speed Terry Computerized Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

    High Speed Terry Computerized Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

    The Single Terry computerized jacquard circular knitting machine is ideal for manufacturing single jersey loop pile or terry fabrics, including bath towel, towel blanket, pillow towel and so on. Its knitted fabrics are popular with customers due to the uniform pile length and great fastness of the pile. The machine not only has high production capacity, but also can be operated or maintained easily. ▲Capable of knitting different bath accessories and blankets ▲Data inccluding pattern information can easily be saved and stored ▲Application Area: Home textiles(bath towel, towel blanket or pillow towel and other soft cloth materials) and Fashion clothes (Sofa cloth, bed sheet and curtain) ▲Applicable Yarn Materials: cotton, synthetic fiber, silk, artifical wool, mesh or elastic cloth.

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  • Single Loop Pile Circular Knitting Machine

    Single Loop Pile Circular Knitting Machine

    DONGTAI Single Terry Loop Circular Knitting Machine 1. Quick and Easy change for rapid gauge change 2. Multipurpose function by alternating a few parts available 3. High productive with high number of feeders

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  • Single Velour Circular Knitting Machine

    Single Velour Circular Knitting Machine

    Main Feature Featured with different types of sinkers, the terry single knitting machine is capable to knit terry fabric in different loop height with high quality. With the Lycra attachment, it can also knit stretchy towel. Moreover, the velvet with protrude loops can be produced as this machine is characterized with reversed cams and normal cams. Flexible for knitting varying fabrics and Multi-functional models. A machine with multipurpose functions, just by replacing the heart parts, the machine can easily converted into 3-thread-fleece and plain single jersey 4-track circular knitting machine. Stable Performance. Groz-beckert Needles and Kern Sinkers are used to ensure fabric quality and machine long-life; and cams are made of special alloy steel and processed by CNC and CAM treatment.

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