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    High Speed Single Open Width Circular Knitting Machine

    High Speed Single Open Width Circular Knitting Machine

    Single Jersey open width machine is equipped with a roller speed adjustment device that guarantees a uniform and stable knitting tightness to the fabric. ▲High quality fabric with no break in the center or the surface of the fabric ▲Less waste when fabric comes ▲Maximum ROI and increase profits ▲Combines the characteristics of machines of simple jersey and telalibre of breaks ▲Application Area: Swimwear, tights, underwear, T-shirt, polo shirt, gym suit, sportswear, technical textiles ▲Applicable Yarn Materials: cotton, synthetic fiber, silk, artifical wool, mesh or elastic cloth.

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  • High Quality Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

    High Quality Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

    1. Manufacturing: Most of the structural parts and important spare parts are machined by advanced CNC Machining Center, improving the precision and correction of spare parts, the spare parts in the heart part which all used the precise location. 2. Body: Improving structural designing greatly increases the main body's structural parts’ intensity and rigidity. Adding three anti-vibration pad under three legs reduces the vibration during the machine’s high-speed running ensures the machine running more stable. Using a three-axis transmission location device, improving body structure and special designing sleeve’s rise and fall to ensure the precision of concentric and homosphere during machine running and making the machine running more stable. In order to guarantee the precise operation of the machine and to prevent the base of the machine from distortion, the body is made of high annealed cast-iron which passes through the natural aging. 3. HEART Part Knitting System: The material of cams using the imported special alloy which passes through the special heat treatment and designed by CAD/CAM to ensure the needles going smoothly for fit in with all kinds of yarn materials and knitting crafts. The cylinder cam box adopted positive drive adjusting. The new type of graduator has a self-locked function which making adjustments more convenience and the yarn tension can keep long-time stable in making fabric quality more excellent. Using a slot located between the cam and slid block to delete the height difference caused by screw location so the adjusting tension will be more convenient. Using the new designing in the center adjustment unit which has compact and delicate construction, the special unit inside can eliminate the lifting error caused by lifting gear’s screw distance which making cambox lifting more stable and getting the minimum flatness error. The indicator will be set on a table to make adjusting GSM more clear and correct. 4. Needle: Needles are all manufactured by GROZ-BECKERT which can ensure the quality of the fiber. 5. Yarn Feeding System: Adding yarn feeding ring and longer yarn carrier to ensure yarn feeding and yarn adjusting more easily. Amend some parts’ structure of creel to ensure the stability of yarn feeding tension during the machine high speed running. Moving out yarn feeding speed changeable box and speed changeable wheel to make adjusting yarn feeding’s speed more convenience. 6. Lighting: According to the knitting technology required and combined the human engineering principles reasonable arrange lightings on each part machine. It will save power and have enough light and make the machine more easily operated. 7. Painting: All machines using the baking varnish to improve the appearance and prevent corruption and slow down the machine’s aging speed. Our company cooperates with colleges to develop advanced surface treatment technology which adopted in main structural parts and greatly improve surface quality, rigidity, and anti-corruption level. In a word, the machine has the following main features: nice appearance, excellent quality, running stable, easily operate.

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  • Body Size Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

    Body Size Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

    DONGTAI Brand New Body Size Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine Newly developed type to meet varying changes in the market. This small-diameter knitting machine can produce seamless shirts, underwear, swimwear and so on. ▲High speed mini-size to meet market demand ▲Ability to produce any seamless knitwear ▲Application Area: Seamless T-shirt, underwear, nightwear or women’s leggings ▲Applicable Yarn Materials: cotton, synthetic fiber, silk, artifical wool, mesh or elastic cloth.

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  • Small Diameter Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

    Small Diameter Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

    Small Diameter Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine: 1) Machine is equipped with roller-shifting device, which ensure density of whole fabric to be even and stable. 2) Machine is equipped with motorized cuter, high efficiency and easy to maintain. 3) Equipped with latest winder, fabric can be winded synchronized with even tension. 4) Folding mark is avoided effectively which comes in common winders, so it's good for making fabric with spandex yarn. 5) Quality and usage of fabric are increased, and subsequent finishing process is simplified.

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  • Large Diameter Circular Knitting Machine

    Large Diameter Circular Knitting Machine

    FEATURE 1. Single jersey knitting machine is applicable to all kinds of yarns. 2. It can be used to knit four-section structurefabrics and plaited fabrics, and it can also be used as a special model for knitting yarn-added pad fabricsfthree-threadflannelette, also called fleece knitting. 3. New material, new process and high precision can make the machine speed ofrevolution reach 30rpm. 4. Due to the 4feeds/inch 4 track single knitting machine adopts small needle head and short-latch-needle knitting needle, the knitted fabrics are denser and heavier, having a better drapability and higher output.

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  • Circular Weft Knitting Machine

    Circular Weft Knitting Machine

    ▲Circular Weft Knitting Machine adopts closed tracks and wide needles but design with the cam of knit, tuck and miss. ▲The mechanism designs with central adjustment system to adjust the fabric in different level of density easily and conveniently, normally equipped with different gauges of cylinders which is easy to alter and can meet the everlasting requirements of the demand of the knitting market. ▲The machine can produce high quality with different level of thickness such as calico weave, silk cotton, raw of coloured gauzy fiber, polyster, cotton interweave, which can also produce single or double pique mesh, pique structure etc. & can also knit versatile pique, soft cloth, two thread fleece, twill, convert and four track pique pattern plus the lycra device which can produce stretchy caloco.

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  • Small Knitting Machine

    Small Knitting Machine

    Body size/ Small single jersey circular knitting cylinder use bearing fixed in the machine plate, instead of traditional wire track and wear-resisting block structure. ▲Single jersey has 4 track cams, double jersey has 2 track on the dial and 4 track on the cylinder, can weave a variety of type, and have a widelyrange by changing the cam. ▲Positive type of delivery yarn, the yarn tension is uniform. bare lycra adopt the feeding way by small roller, and reduce producing turn silk, fluff yarn and other defects. ▲Mecahnical pull reeling, can realize cloth constant tension be controlled. ▲Intergration contropller, the functions of divisions, refueling, speed, alarm can be completerd in the panel. ▲Preset counter, can make each weight to achieve consistently, beneficial to the enterprise's production management.

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