body size circular knitting machine

  • Small Knitting Machine

    Small Knitting Machine

    Body size/ Small single jersey circular knitting cylinder use bearing fixed in the machine plate, instead of traditional wire track and wear-resisting block structure. ▲Single jersey has 4 track cams, double jersey has 2 track on the dial and 4 track on the cylinder, can weave a variety of type, and have a widelyrange by changing the cam. ▲Positive type of delivery yarn, the yarn tension is uniform. bare lycra adopt the feeding way by small roller, and reduce producing turn silk, fluff yarn and other defects. ▲Mecahnical pull reeling, can realize cloth constant tension be controlled. ▲Intergration contropller, the functions of divisions, refueling, speed, alarm can be completerd in the panel. ▲Preset counter, can make each weight to achieve consistently, beneficial to the enterprise's production management.

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