Interlock knitting machine

  • High Speed Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

    High Speed Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

    The main equipments of double circular knitting machines are designed by CAD system and machined by CNC to improve equipment precision. Using automatic oil lubricator to lubricate the cylinder and the needles respectively, which keep needles from easily worn out. As the most popular model, double circular knitting machine is capable of knitting various kinds of double jersey fabrics. ★ Stable performance: Groz-beckert Needles and Kern Sinkers are used to ensure fabric quality and long-life machine performance; cams are made of special alloy steel and processed by CNC and CAM treatment. ★ Interchangeable. Easily converted to rib knitting machine ★ Application Area: sportswear, underwear, leisurewear ★ Applicable Yarn Materials: cotton, synthetic fiber, silk, artifical wool, mesh or elastic cloth.

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    High Speed Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

    High Speed Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

    Genenral Features of double jersey/Interlock Circular knitting machine ◆The cams on the lower and the upper dials of this machine is featured with closed tracks design with cams of knit, tuck and miss. ◆The yarn feeding can be adjusted independently which can knit elastic double jersey fiber by installing an additional Lycra attachment, which is also equipped with varying types of cylinders, easy and quick to transfer, so that it can meet the everlasting demand from the knitting market. ◆These double machines can produce various kinds of high quality double jersey fabric of different level of thickness. ◆The speed of these double jersey circular knitting machines is very fast with simple structure. ◆The machanism is stable & convenient to operate and range of fabric pattern is wide. It can be converted into rib circular knitting machine after altering the cams.

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  • Interlock Knitting Machine

    Interlock Knitting Machine

    DONGTAI Brand New Interlock/Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine 1) Machine is equipped with roller-shifting device, which ensure density of whole fabric to be even and stable. 2) Machine is equipped with motorized cuter, high efficiency and easy to maintain. 3) Equipped with latest winder, fabric can be winded synchronized with even tension. 4) Folding mark is avoided effectively which comes in common winders, so it's good for making fabric with spandex yarn. 5) Quality and usage of fabric are increased, and subsequent finishing process is simplified.

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  • Double Knitting Machine

    Double Knitting Machine

    Double Jersey circular knitting machine: 1- Cambox designed dial 2 track/cylinder 4 track, the central stitch part adopts high precision CNC automatic technology ensures the quality of fabric. 2- We use Franke ball bearing system and our patented high precision synchronous gears, improved machine running speed while stable performance 3-By change cam arrangement and spandex, can produce a variety of organization cotton/mesh /rib/compound fabrics, twill, sandwich fabric, scuba diving fabric, double-side pique, all kinds of spandex fabric, polar t-shirts, pattern jacquard, etc。 4-2.1 feeder/inch double jersey machine realized one machine multi-functional useage. Dial 2 track cylinder 4 track setting, besides can knit various double composite fabric, especially suitable for rib fabric. 1+1/2+2 and other rib fabric all can be handled perfect and sophisticated.

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  • High Speed Tube Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

    High Speed Tube Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

    High Speed Tube Interlock Circular Knitting Machine Series Top and bottom gears adopt oil-soaking to reduce abrasion and noise, then improve their precision and life. Adopting new designed frame of the machine, dial cam box base and sleeve have simultaneous displacement so that it becomes exacter and simpler to adjust the needle tolerance and clearance between top and bottom. Multifunctional machine, equipped with cams of 2 tracks in Dia and 4 tracks in Cylinder. Just by changing the professional arrangement of cams, it would change the double structure and meet the changing market.

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