Computerized Jacquard Machine

  • Computer Knitting Machine

    Computer Knitting Machine

    DONGTAI Computer knitting machine adopts the three sections of combination mode of 8-segment or 12- segment jacquard bit. needle jack, and knitting needle.
    ▲Each segment only accomplishes part of the actions of jacquard knitting,thus dispersing abrasion point, reducing the load of each complementary device.
    ▲Dial cam adopts the design of adjustable cam, avoiding heavy and complicated cam equipment and improving work efficiency. When changing the dial cam 1.8feeds/inch machine, there is even simple to do not to dismantle cam stand.
    ▲In addition, the three-position needle selection of needle cylinder makes easy realization of any multi-color and saggingfeeling pattern, adapting to shell fabric development in a infinite possibility and at the same time making operation convenient and reliable.

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