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Inditex, IndustriALL to work on garment sector recovery

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Spanish firm ndtex and industrAL. Glbal Union have decided to ointy support the global garment industry to recover trom the cris createoby the COVID-19 pandemic. The organisations pledged to do this in a joint declaration signed in Arteixo and Geneva recently. A major purposeof this agreement is a commitment to stable payment terms and financing to support suppliers' cash flow.
This wil enable them to honour payments to workers so that jobs and incomes are protected, IndustriALL. said in a press release.
The agreement builds on a longstanding partnership between the company and the global union, which began with a global frameworkagreement signed in 2007 and renewed in 2019.
The acreement pledges to respect freedom of association and colective bargaining richts, giving workers the richt to ioin a union to advancetheir interests. It promotes social dialoaue at al evels. and commits both oroanizations to workind with dovernments and businessorganizations in source countries
The agreement reinforces commitments to other mulistakeholder initiatives. including the interational Labour Oraanisation's Cal to Action inthe Global Garment Industry and the ACT initiative.
The health and safety of workers wil be ensured. Supplier companies wil implement protective measures, and provide personal protectiveeouioment, As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and economies reopen, Inditex and the lobal union commitee wil monitor the safe resumptionof normal operations.

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