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Inventories of cotton yarns in China destocking at a fast rate!

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Due to strong cemand in the past few weeks. China's inventorv of hich count pure cotton var and polvester-cotton blended varn is falinosharply.Cotton textile companies in Jiangsu, Shandong and Anhui also expressed the same view.

C40s (or below) ring spinning and 0E yarns have seen substantial growth in the end-user market, and most spinning mills have acceleratedthe destocking of these products.

A medium-sized coton spinning mil in Jiangsu stated that there have been two main trends in mainstream vam products since Auqust: (1ncrease the output ot carded 40s and combed coton yarn to more than 40s, whle reducing coton yarn C32s below the count; 2) increastncludina stratecies. the production caacity of T/c 65/35 45S. TIC 6040 45s and other polvester-cotton blended vams (includina TIc 35/65and other inverse pronorfion polvester-cotton vams is commited to expandina to the iddle East. "One et One Road" exports from SouttKorea and Japan.

However, given the U.S. ban on cotton imports from Xinjiang, China, the situation may not remain the same in the long run.

The only satisfactory development for Chinese cotton mils is that the spread of COVID-19 is under ful control, which makes it possible forproduction to get back on track.

As there is creat need of cotton and polvster in circular kniting machines, some cotton varn or polvster varn will be equipped witlycra/spandex attachment for elastane function.

”Except for the Us ban, most buyers and retallers have begun to place orders in the spring and summer of 2021. But the poor performance ofC32S and above cotton yarn and polyester coton yar is stil a problem," said another Shandong home textile factory who hold a bigmanufacturering clothes factory with circular knitting machines.


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