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25% Bangla garment manufacturing to be automated by circular knitting machine

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Around a quarter of garment manufacturing activities in Banladesh will be automated by 2023, up from 8 per cent now. according toBancladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association BGMEA) president Rubana Huc. who recenty said this proiection is becausethe sector has entered the Fourth industrial Revoluion and is witnessing the adoption of artificial intellicence.

So workers. no mater males or females, need to be skiled and reskiled so that they can continue to contribute to this important business. Asintelecent knitina industiv is developina rapidly, the related weft knitina machines has moved a long way since then at a very cuick pace. Foiexample, circular kniting machines with high production capability has gained great population. in Bangladesh market, there are thousands oircuar kriina machines under unnina for the arment manutactururin acivtes incudins cothes ie shir, teece ve our. terv and so onBecause Bangladesh is a big manufacturering country with cotton, polyster, lycra and so on.

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