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The Knitting Principle of Single Knitting Machine

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1.Brief introduction

The fabric is made by kniting the thread or the yam.Tthe loop is the structure cel of any fabric wale is resulted from the intermeshing of theoops and sinker loops connecting one another forms the course. The course of the weft fabric loop is constructed with one whole thread insequent knitting order that is, one whole thread formed tandem loops.

The fabric produced by circular kniting machine is in tubular shape.On account of the loop quantity in the thickness (loop quantity per layer),thefabric can be divided into single-sided fabric and double-sided fabric.

The single ersey circular kniting machines is designed with close-ype orbit equipped with knit CAM.tuck CAM and weft CAM, which enable itto produce various quality plain fabric with diferent ply, such as cotton covered with sik, stripe, terylene and cotton blend,single or double meshbeaded fabric. icue fabric and more.Furthermore.the machine s available to produce strechv tabby fabric with lvcra device. And the fabric canbe used for the fabric of fashionable and sports dress. So this machine can meet the ever-chanding demands of the market.

The machine can meet the changing market needs by adiusting the arrangement of cams and needles so as to produce various high qualityabrics such as single-side cotton polester fabric, pigue mesh fabric, single ersey fabric, plush fabric, high elastic spandex fabric, swimsuit andso on.

The fabrics mainly applicable for underwear, T-shirt, sports suits, decorative fabric and so on.

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