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North India's cotton yarn market optimistic due to kharif crop arrival

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Yar market prices in northern india are stable due to average purchases by the weaving industry. Coton yam is traded at the same level inDelhi and Ludhiana. Panipat's recvcled vam prices are also stable, Traders expect demand to pick up over time as the arrival of the khalif cronwill support the textile value chain and the country's economy.

The Ludhiana market noted bearish buving in cotton var. but prices remained unchanged. A local trader told Fibre2Fashion. "The weavingindustry is adopting a wait-and-see policy to confirm future demand in the apparel industry. But people are optimistic about the improvement intemand " Accordind to Fibre2Fashion's market insicht tol TexPro. in ludhiana. 30 Combed cotton vars are sold at Rs 394.399 per koncluding GsT. 20-count and 25-count combed vams are tradind at Rs 380-385 per ka and Rs 385-390 per ko respectively. 30-count cardeyarn is quoted at Rs 345-350 per kg.

The Delhi market has witnessed steady yar prices amid average demand. Traders say local and export demand has vet to pick up. Festivedemand has not yet started.According to a trader, buyers pick up the goods only for immediate consumption. 30's combed yam is traded at Rs385-390 per kg (extra GST), 40's combed yam is traded at Rs 425-430 per kg, 30's carded yar is traded at Rs 345-350 per kg , 40-countcarded yarn is trading at Rs 380-385 per kilogram, according to TexPro.

Despite the approaching festive season, the Panipat market has yet to receive a signal of increased demand. The market has noticed a stablerend in recycled varn prices amid weak demand. Holiday demand has vet to pick up. according to trade sources. Consumers face cdificulvsaving money for discretionary purchases such as clothing. However, the arrival of the Kharif crop is a silver lining for the market. Economicactivity in rural and semi-urban areas of india will see better economic activity when the new kharif crop stats to hit the market this month. ltwil provide end-users with funds to purchase non-essential items including textles. Recycled yam prices are stable as traders, stockists anomils are not interested in lowering prices. But comber prices fel by Rs 4-5 per kg. n the Panipat maket, 30-count recycled yars are sold a3s 160.165 per ko lexcudina GST. Recuced Yarn 10 lwhitel is frading at Rs 90.95 ner ka lexcludin GST Reucled Yam 10 iCored .Hintualitv) is trading at Rs 110-15 per ka. Recvcled Yar 10 Thread (coloured - low guality) is trading at Rs 85 - 90 per kg and 20 recycledremium PC vam (coloured) atRs 120-125 per kc. 10s optical vams are being traded in the maket at Rs 100-110 per ka. The comber price isRs 135-140 per kg. Recycled polvester fibre (PET bottle fibre) is priced at Rs 88-91 per kg.

Fresh cotton prices in norther india remain bearish due to imited purchases bv textile mils. Hicher moisture keens buvers awav from themarket. Moisture is a bit high at 12-14%, while acceptable moisture is 8-10%. New cotton is arriving in most parts of Haryana. Mandis in Puniabhas also received initial supplies. Traders are working on fowards for 0ctober delivery. Fresh cotton ready for delivery in Puniab and Harvanais trading at Rs 9.000-9.200 per 37.2ka. The final price for the 0ctober delivery deal is Rs 8.000-8.100 per pound. Upper Ralasthan is forwardtrading at the same price.

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