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UK's CottonConnect & US' ICAC sign MoU to collaborate in 4 key areas

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CottonConnect and the lntemational Coton Advisory Counci (CAC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form partnerships in 4 key areas: knowiedge sharing, innovaton, environmental sustainability assessment and ioint proiect initiatives, The partnership has an
initial term of 1 year and represents a major common interest between the two organizations.
The relationship between CottonConnect and ICAC is based on the shared values of faimess mutual respect, consultation on relevant
decisions, good communication, social responsibility and transparency, the two entities said in a joint media release.

ICAC and CottonConnect can benefit from ongoing colaborative interactions. As ICAC is the only intergovemmental association representingup to 25 cotton producing. consuming and trading countries worldwide, it serves as a valuable learing platform for CottonConnect to leam bliscussing cotton issues of interational significance. CottonConnect can learn from lCAC and utilize sustainable ingredients in cottonproduction to improve the proaress and deve opment of the coton industry in its recion, The lCAC can also earn from CotonConnectsextensive experience and share it with other members around the world.

Innovation is a major concern for the cotton industry given the pressing issues of climate change, increasing productivity and improvingarmers" ivelihoods. ICAC' sneclal relationships with key plavers aive it access to the word's eadina coton researchers and scientists whounderstand cotton from field to consumer. The CottonConnect network wil greatly benefit from these innovations and is ready to takeadvantace of those implementations that actually work, ICAC member countries mav also beneft from CotonConnect's innovations in cottonCollaborations like this could lead to new ioint innovations in the future.

Growing cotton presents many environmental challenges due to water consumption and polution, soil degradation, greenhouse gas emissions.and the use of hammful pesticides and fertlizers. ultimately compromising the industry's ability to sustain future production. The challenge ofbringing cotton production to minimum environmental standards is enormous. ICAC and CottonConnect can collaborate to measure
envronmental aspects such as carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon secuestration, and more.

CottonConnect and ICAC are interested in discussing potential collaborations and joint proiects that would benefit both parties. For example,the independent Commission Against Corruption has an impressive proiect aimed at doubling coton yields within four to five years.
CotonConnect sees areat potential in partnering with CAC on such fruitful and innovative initiatives. Both parties are wilina to iointiy develonand implement innovative cotton projects and seek investment from potential funders and donors.

"We are delichted to be working with the lntermational Cotton Advisory Council. I believe this partnership wil enable both organisations to learnfrom and address the chalenges facing the coton industry today. We look fonward to exploring innovative ideas, sustainability challenges andnroductivitv initiatives that wi a ow both orcanisatons to ear from and address the cha lences acing the cotton incustry today. Mutuabenefit," said CottonConnect CEO Alison Ward.

"Working with our industry allies has become a core principle of CAC over the past five vears. as evidenced by this partnership withCottonConnect" said CAC Executive Director kai Hughes."The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 hasprompted organizations around the worid to find ways to improve the performance and resiience of their supply chains. CottonConnect excelsin this area and shares our core values, so our two organizations collaborated to find Solutions to improve the lives of cotton and textileprofessionals around the world were a natural decision“.

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