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European textile exports slide due to energy crisis amid Ukraine war.

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The European textile and apparel industry recently urged the European Union to protect the industry from a crisis caused by excessiveincreases in natural cas and crude oil prices during Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The latest export figures reflect the crisis. as exports oiechnical textiles. ycra and polvester products have started to decline in recent months. At the same time, import of textile machines likecircular knitting machines and raw materials cotto yarn decreases a lot.

European clothing and textile federations such as EURATEX,CIRFS, ETSA, EDANA and EUROCOTON have asked the EU to protect theuture of the industry when gas prices reach high levels. The industry has proposed a price mechanism for electricity and has caled for a capn gas prices. lt said measures needed to be taken to avoid bankruptcy and relocation of textile production outside Europe. The associationsadded that certain seaments of the textile industry are particularly vulnerable, as man-made fbres (MMF), ynthetic fbres and celulosic fibresare energy-intensive segments, while the dyeing and finishing production sector uses very heavy natural gas.

The latest igures on exports of these products from the EU underline the downward trend. According to Fibre2Fashion's market insight toolTexPro, exoorts of textles. fabrics and technical use tems (HS code 5911) fel to $727 345 million in the second cuarter of this vear. Exoortewere worth $759.015 million in the first guarter of 2022 and $725.802 million in the fourth guarter of 2021.

In the second quarter of 2022, the export value of artificial flament yarn (HS code 54) fell to $2, 101,952,000 from $2,910,941,000 in the frstquarter of 2022.The value of exports of rayon tow or cellulose acetate (Hs code 550210) fel from S67.136 milion in the first cuarter of 2022 to$43.96 milion in the Apri-June quarter of this year. Shipments of tyrecord high tenacity polyester yarn (HS code 590220) fel to $72.538 milionin the second quarter of 2022 from $97.496 million in the previous quarter.

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