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China, Ethiopia, & Germany agree to boost textile sector in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia, China and Germany pledged to strengthen cooperation to promote social, labor and environmental standards in Ethiopiat's textilesector. At a recent meeting held in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, representatives of the three counties supported their commitment tothe project "Sustainable Textile Investment and Operation in Ethiopia".

This proiect is a cooperation project of China National Textile and Clothing Council (CNTAC), Germany lnterational Textile and ClothingAssociation (GlZ), Ethiopia Textile ndustry Development lnstitute (ETIDl) and the United Nations Industrial Development OrganizationUNIDO). It is intended to address challenges at the global level and support African and Asian countries to implement the 2030 Agenda in thetextle sector. This initiative is mainly aimed at Chinese investors and ther Ethiopian business partners in Ethiopials textle and clothing industrvThis proiect might help to boost the export of Chinese circular kniting machines, yars and fabrics. Among which, the single jersey and fleeceseries are most popular products.

Accordino to severa Chinese medla renorts, Chinese Ambassador to =thona Zheo Zhiuan said at the meetny. "so far China is one of "hearcest investors in Ethiopia's textle industry. with a total investment of about 450 miion dollars. We have more than 30 Chinese textilecompanies in Ethiopia."

The agreement between the three countries was recently reached at a two-day meeting held at the United Nations Conference Center in AddisAbaba. Ethopia, The pumose of the meeting was to promote sustainable ceve ooment of the textile industry and raise the awareness of akeparticipants in Ethiopia's textile industry on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework.

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